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HILL IMPACT is trusted to navigate complex, high-profile, and high-stakes challenges around the world.  From hostage release operations to disaster response, we are experienced, equipped and ready.  Our proprietary technology and platforms are proven to withstand most any kind of crisis or condition.  The HILL IMPACT command center & training complex will open in late 2023 and will feature state-of-the-art command & control capabilities along with facilities for full-scale simulations and onsite overnight accommodations.  The IMPACT mobile response assets are currently deployed and operational.  

Since the start of 2022 our team, with the support of international partners, has helped evacuate nearly 10,000 government, commercial and humanitarian personnel in places facing armed conflict and civil unrest, as well as extract isolated individuals and hostages from life-threatening situations.  Our commitment to these issues runs deeps as our pro bono efforts will easily exceed last year's $5.25M in goods and services.

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