We are here to help principled people, companies, and non-profits achieve their own purpose.  As communicators, we speak up for the underserved and give a voice to the voiceless.


These are more than words, they live and breathe within our firm and our people. We'd love to discuss: ACCOUNTABILITY - BALANCE - CANDOR - COMMUNITY - LEARNING


    Everyone is entitled to a doctor and an attorney, but not all are owed a good reputation. We do not work for just anyone and there's no sport helping terrible people or organizations overcome a crisis if they return to their ways. We believe in redemption, to our core, and worry that cancel culture ignores the ability in each of us to overcome, change and improve.  That said, we NEVER represent perps or those accused of abuse because our hearts and passion are for survivors -- helping them find their voice.  Yes, there are false reports and people get wrongly accused -- we recognize this -- as do our clients.  Those individuals deserve counsel and we do our best to refer them to someone but that's not what we do.

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